Welcome to the Message Parlour official page! The purpose of this website is to inform people about what we do and why and also to educate people about the issue of sexual exploitation – both the demand and supply side. The Message Parlour is a safe space in the heart of the red light area that is Street 51 in Phnom Penh. Founded in 2012 its four main objectives are to provide a SPACE :

  1. For anyone (e.g. entertainment workers, street children, transgender and sex buyers) knowing they will be treated with dignity and respected as people with inherent value.
  2. From which different Non Government Organizations can reach out to people (e.g. entertainment workers, street kids, transgender and sex buyers) in the local community.
  3. Where people can learn about the issues around sexual exploitation – both the demand and supply side.
  4. For those from faith communities to pray and worship.

People are also welcome to come and enjoy an ice-cream and soda drink! Those who want to be involved in outreach will be expected to meet our staff first and sign our child protection policy to ensure the protection and respect of children and vulnerable people.

The message parlour